Communication Breakdown

I was singularly unimpressed by the promises you made,
although not from the beginning it must be said.
You see you invitation to friendship never had a chance to fade,
it never started so it seems I was mislead.

I seem to attach more value to friendship than others do,
and once committed I remain committed to the end.
Maybe therein lies the difference between me and you,
a minor difference in definition but a common trend.

Now I'm not shouting from my soap box, for there is no wrong or right
and each is entitled to the opinion they may hold.
But oft times when words are spoken their meanings misconstrued,
and communication breakdowns leaves me cold.

So if ever we should meet again, or our paths should chance to cross,
please make no promises to me that you don't mean.
For then I can take at face value every promise that you make,
and misunderstandings will be few and far between.

And if you find this simple task to hard, or it cuts against the grain,
then if you should see me please look the other way.
For time is a precious commodity already in short supply
and I have none to spare for the games you hope to play

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved