I Stand in Silence

Silence. My world has stilled,
all sound and movement held in stasis
awaiting a word from you.

Time itself, frozen,
my heart likewise in sympathy
as I wonder what you will do.

Will I remain ever thus,
until some other takes pity on me
and turns to warm my heart.

Or will you speak up now
your warm breath whispering
that we shall never be apart.

Like a single frame
held beneath the lamps glow
a fragile existence at best,

Will you let these feelings
be washed away on a sea of tears,
or with your word, put them to the test.

And so in stillness I stand,
balanced on a knife edge
wondering which way the blade will fall.

Is this the beginning of new chapter
in this journey through life,
or is the writing already on the wall.

I stand in silence, waiting.

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved