There's a story that needed to be told
about how I felt for you.
Your choice is to listen or turn away
as you are often apt to do.

I gave you my heart and you betrayed me,
both in thought, action and deed.
You broke a promise sworn upon your heart
so its a heart I no longer need.

You have been weighed and found wanting,
your love shallow and untrue,
a falsehood from the beginning or so it seems
as it didn't mean anything to you.

I was blind to your manipulations,
your words seemed so real to me,
my trust misplaced, a withered heart embraced,
at least finally I'm free.

And so I turn my back to face you,
and without looking I walk away,
knowing what goes around, comes around
and that you shall feel what its like some day.

And at that time I hope you remember
amid the tears you cry in pain,
the promise you made, the love you betrayed,
when you caused someone else to feel the same.

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved