5 Liters to Freedom

I lie here in this warm embrace hands by my side.
The scent of candles burning fills the room,
their glow warm and reassuring.
Light flickers as shadows chase one
another cross a tiled white wall.
In the background a whisper of music most alurring
as I drift in and out of memories.

No cry for help here, I've got it right this time
and crimson water laps about me
almost like a lovers touch.
My last words written in an unshaken hand.
As I take it upon myself to shed
this mortal coil that has constrained me so much.
Still I drift in and out of memories.

And so it is I pass the time
although for me time is finite now
my 5 liters to freedom surely almost spent.
And while others may disapprove of my departure
even call it a selfish endulgence
My heart can take no more of this punishment.
This drifting in and out of memories.

This drifting in and out,

This drifting,

this ....

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved