Lost Inside Myself

I am floating in a void of self discovery,
lost inside myself, fetal against the blackness.
Naked and stripped bare I shiver in the cold
as I remember the last words that I was told,
we can still be friends.

Those same words echo relentlessly around me,
lost inside myself they mock me in their perfect silence.
My heart shredded and ripped asunder
by the words you spoke, their sound like thunder,
we can still be friends

I bleed tears for what could have been,
lost inside myself, a possible future shattered.
What use to dream if the dream can never come true,
when all that's left are those words spoken by you,
we can still be friends

And so i retreat to the only safe place I know
and lost inside myself I carve out my heart.
What use is it after all except to cause me pain.
Better to live emotionless than to ever hear again
we can still be friends.

Better by far to stay lost inside myself.

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved