Dental Hygiene

I threw away your toothbrush today.
It was worn and used, it's bristles bent out of shape.
Proof of the vigor that you applied to this daily regime.
It had been sitting there unused for some time,
a testimony to a destiny thwarted
by an equal lack of vigor in a different direction.

It didn’t look as sad as I though it would
its blue handle sticking out of the bin,
a single tear shed to accompany its departure.
The tear for the memories of the person,
of what might have been and now will never be.
But the toothbrush didn't know that of course.

In general, toothbrushes are easily pleased
and are mostly monogamous in their relationships.
A tendency not always echoed by those that wear them down.
Still, as it begins a new journey to the recycling plant
and my own emotions echo that journey in spirit,
I can't help but wonder what will become of us both.

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved