The Chains of Love

Love is the simplest of emotions and the hardest to control
it can lift you up and carry you, yet treat you like a fool.
You know without a doubt when you have fallen to its spell
and with that truth it's hold on you is impossible to dispel

For these emotions running unchecked have been driving me insane,
and although you are their focus you are not yourself to blame.
I have worked hard to control them but failed at every turn
as thoughts of you consume me though they may never be returned.

Questions stay unanswered while confusion starts to reign.
Sleep becomes elusive and longing turns to pain.
Anxiety and panic, there's only one thing left to do
I must hide away these feelings that I know I have for you.

So inside my heart their is a place wherein I've carved your name.
It's been placed under lock and key and secured with heavy chain.
The emotions there are dangerous, self destructive now to me.
and yet their absence is a reminder of what we two could be.

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved