Loves Torment

Like a moth to a candle I was burnt by his flame,
its wings like my heart singed and torn.
Like a wilted flower that draws its last breath
my heart it lies heavy and forlorn.

Each breath becomes a struggle, a moment filled with pain
as the light of unrequited love grows dim.
For what use to love in a solitary world
when it means living and breathing without him.

Despair washes over me waves pound against the shore
while the rain that falls acid that eats my skin.
Bloody footed on jagged rocks I stumble and I fall
an empty hollow where my soul should have been.

Thunder is the chorus to the scream I unleash
and lightning echoes the frustration that I feel.
Color has disserted me, my world turned to shades of gray
I am disconnected from life and nothings real.

Into this pit of torment I have willing plunged myself
now bloodied I crawl back to the world of men.
And yet I live in hope that regardless of this pain
I will overcome this fear to love again.

Copyright © Barry Smyth, all rights reserved